Recent reports on Artificial intelligence (AI) and its developments have revealed that the advancements of this technology along with its adjoining solutions will be responsible for writing better software codes, and they will do it faster than the best human developers and programmers in the global industry. Experts warn that software developers and programmers might get computerized with the advances in machine learning algorithms. The optimization of safety-critical areas in software development tasks by AI solutions is also one of the major reasons why businesses are thinking about deploying AI in software development, testing and programming tasks. The technology can ensure that the code quality is high and delivers all the functional requirements.

Besides, intelligent programming and development assistance from AI can cut down on the workload in terms of automating the creation of code and identifying faults in the code manually. Artificial intelligence can be used to develop advanced business concepts for huge projects that are labor-intensive and time-consuming.

The fact also seems that the work of software developers will change fundamentally. Neural networks or artificial intelligence will help improve digital work, but they will hardly replace developers in the foreseeable future.

We are already using small-scale learning systems- from the auto-completion already mentioned in the Google search to playlists from the music streaming service provider that always offers the right music according to individual taste, current mood, and times of the day. The need for application developers has increased significantly. Digitization is taking place in all areas of life and work – after all, someone has to develop the AI, control it, and set the framework and data.

For example, developers will likely write less and less code, and even less review or optimize it. In the future, they will rather work conceptually in the areas of data science or digital innovation. Developers will also have to make sure that AI is not left to its own devices and that it is tested according to human conditions. This can also mean not designing a website according to a calculated optimum, but deliberately breaking out – in short, working creatively.

Enterprises are continually evolving, along with the ever-changing landscape of technology. Transformation of legacy applications and large-scale refactoring is essential with critical necessities, and deploying machine learning algorithms and frameworks will analyze codes and automatically optimize them for interoperability and higher performance.

There are many challenges to developing a fully-fledged AI tool that can replace programmers. However, AI can write the codes, and even debug or develop an entire product. But still, it is impossible to replace programmers completely in this industry. However, such technologies will improve and help programmers save time in the development phase and develop a product in an ideal time. These AI tools would be working as a reliable coding partners for the programmers. Such tools may also be suggesting a complete coding framework. But still, the human programmer will be analyzing and checking the code whether it is written correctly or not.

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