Multi-Device Pairing May Be Arriving for Apple Watch this Year


The Apple Watch can only sync with one iPhone at a time, and this was clearly a deliberate design choice from Apple because it is designed to be a personal device linked to a specific user’s Apple ID. The watch’s data and settings are synced with the iPhone, and security features depend on the pairing. This ensures data and settings remain secure and that the watch operates smoothly with its intended iPhone companion. However, do you find yourself frustrated with the fact that you can only pair it with one device at a time? Well, according to a Twitter tipster known as @analyst941, you may soon be able to sync your Apple Watch with multiple Apple devices, including an iPad and a  Mac.

The tipster earlier predicted Dynamic Island on iPhones ahead of the launch

The tipster made a great call on the Dynamic Island feature before it was announced last year, giving us a glimmer of hope that his latest prediction could be true. While there is no official confirmation, the thought of being able to use Apple Watches with more than one device is certainly exciting. Imagine being able to view your Apple Fitness+ workouts on your iPad while your Apple Watch tracks your progress. Or using your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac computer or complete an online Apple Pay transaction. The possibilities are endless!

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