WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Search For Chats By Date


New York: Whatsapp will have an option where you can search for a message by the date on which you had sent it. “This feature will be very useful, particularly when you want to discover the first message shared with a certain contact or you want to read what messages were shared on a certain date,” as explained by WABetaInfo in its report.

According to the tipster, this feature will be available on the iPhone, as the testing of this option has already started on the iOS version of WhatsApp, it adds. The report mentions that WhatsApp was working on this feature but discarded it two years back. We are happy that the platform is planning to work on this option again.

In the coming weeks, WhatsApp could bring it to the beta testers on iPhone, before making sure it is ready for a public rollout. The feature basically includes a calendar icon in the search bar and you can look for the message based on the date.

So, instead of searching for a chat by word, you can just look for the message based on the date. This way, you can easily find the message without facing the hassle of unlimited scrolling to find the message. The report only talks about this feature for iPhone users, but we are hopeful of seeing this useful feature on Android as well.

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