Watch: YouTuber takes Apple Watch Ultra on extreme stress test ride, here’s what happened next


Apple Watch Ultra is the most rugged, durable and extreme Apple Watch yet, as claimed by the Cupertino’s tech giant. A YouTuber to test the claim of durability has published a video on the video sharing platform. The durability test involves a drop test, a jar of nails, followed by repeated hammer hits to test Watch Ultra’s sapphire display protection.

TechRax begins the video with drop test comparing Watch Ultra to Apple Watch SE – which couldn’t survive the drop test, as claimed in the video. The test starts with dropping the Apple Watch Ultra from around four feet height – it, however, remained the same more or less – with minor dents along the titanium casing.

Following the drop test, the Youtuber puts the watch into a jar of nails and shakes the jar – and the watch comes with no visible marks. And after two of the tests which Watch Ultra managed to pass somehow – there comes the hammer test – the watch manages to withstood some repeated hits until its screen finally gets cracked, however – the fun part is that the table smashes before the Watch Ultra.

Apple Watch Ultra managed to pass two of the tests very easily – drop test and jar of nails test, however – after multiple hammer hits, Apple Watch Ultra started to face problems turning on. Multiple hammer hits seem unrealistic in real life but the repeated hits and the watch’s survival speak of its durability for the users who are planning to get one. It further indicates that the internal components were damaged earlier, way before the sapphire coating.

TechRax is a popular YouTuber mostly known for his products’ durability test videos. The channel has over 7.62M subscribers, at the time of writing.

MacRumors report that Apple Watch Ultra appears to compete with the likes of Garmin, however – Garmin reportedly responds to the claim that it measures the battery life in “months” instead of “hours”.

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