Watch: Moon And Venus Meet Up In A Rare Planetary Conjunction


Astrophysicists and amateur skywatchers were lucky to witness the brightest planet in our solar system inches away from the Moon. On Friday, the moon and Venus aligned in conjunction for a short period of time. During the rare occurrence, Venus gradually ‘disappeared’ behind the Moon. And, what a sight it was! Although the two were miles apart, they aligned together in a symmetrical line. The rare planetary conjunction occurs when two celestial bodies appear close to each other in the sky.

Along with a few pictures of the rare sight, NASA, on Twitter, wrote, “Look westward to find the Moon as a beautiful slim crescent this evening after sunset, hanging just below blazing-bright Venus. Tomorrow evening, look west again to spot the Moon once more, this time shining from above Venus. Spot the duo? Share your pictures.”

Astronomical Society India Outreach and Education, in a tweet, earlier mentioned, “Today Venus and Moon will be involved in an event known as a conjunction when they would “appear” to come very close to each other to an observer from the planet. In effect they would be along the same line of sight (but still far away from each other). Enjoy this celestial event!” They also shared a close-up picture of the rare even

Sky gazers were lucky to witness the phenomenon worldwide. Although it was visible for a short period, many captured the sight on their phones and shared the breathtaking glimpses on social media. The pictures appeared to be a reverse representation of the symbol Chandrabindoo. Many described the sight as breathtaking. One of the social media users shared the glimpses on Twitter and wrote, “Moon is not lonely tonight.

A person from Texas, who was lucky to witness the clear view, said, “Snapped a photo of the crescent moon and Venus this evening over the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge tonight.”

Another stargazer came across the eye-catching sight and posted pictures of her observation of the Moon and Venus in the daytime, after sunset and night.

This conjunction was such a treat that the internet was flooded with pictures of the rare occurrence. People from across the world were hooked to the clear view of the Moon and Venus aligning together.

This comes days after Jupiter and Venus appeared in one of the rarest celestial events. The planets came to their closest on March 1-2.

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