Video: “Don’t leave me alone in the room.. We want to grow up.. I also have 2 children..” – Karthi Anal Talk


Actor Sivakumar’s sons and actors Surya and Karthi have been talking about a lot of social issues lately.

Actor Sivakumar’s family in the film industry is carrying out educational and charitable social welfare projects. In that respect, the Sivakumar Education Institute and Foundation Awards 2022 event was organized by Akaram Foundation. Speaking at the event, actor Karthi shared many views.

He said, “It is a fact that drug addiction is a huge problem in schools. Drug abuse is easier to detect than drug abuse. If one is calm one is also one who is calm after consuming it. No one will know about taking drugs like that.

don't leave kids alone in room actor Karthi Emotional speech video

Many box store clerks sell it without knowing that it is a drug. Students also consume it as a solution to any and all problems they have. It takes you to another world for a while. But they have to come back to normal and face that problem. Taking drugs is not going to solve the problem.

Especially if your children go to the room with a phone and are sitting alone, I say don’t leave them alone. Rural students are here. Bringing you to the city will improve and develop your thoughts, self-belief and achieve what you set your mind to with zeal and passion. Don’t listen to the negativity around you. “Your dream will come true,” he said.

You can see many things that actor Karthi talks about in the attached video.


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