Tim Cook Says He Would Prefer People Buy iPhones Than Support RCS Messages


Tim Cook, CEO, Apple has finally shared his views on Apple joining the Rich Communication Services or RCS messages bandwagon. Cook says that he would rather want people to buy iPhones and stick to the iMessage platform, rather than bringing RCS to its ecosystem.

He made this statement during a conference earlier this week, where a person asked the Apple CEO to bring RCS messages to iOS so that he can high-res videos to his mother. Instead of suggesting that Apple would consider the RCS integration between iOS and Android, Cook suggested, “Buy your mom an iPhone.”

Now this statement clearly implies that Cook and Co have no interest in adopting RCS for the iPhone users. It would rather see both the person use an iPhone (and send messages/videos via iMessage), than bring RCS to iOS so that it works effectively with Android. All this hue and cry is mostly associated with the US market, where you still have a small portion of users with an Android phone.

A recent report has suggested that iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the region, and it is possible Cook feels that Apple doesn’t need to change its strategy when its device is already selling in big numbers. Globally, iMessage doesn’t get a lot of attention, as people rely on other third-party apps like WhatsApp to make calls, send videos and other stuff that RCS does on Android, but iMessage limits its feature set to iOS.

Google has lately talked about the RCS messages as the new-age SMS platform that is safer, faster and gives more features. But Apple continues to offer its iMessage (or the blue icon) for iPhone users, without adopting RCS so that both the Android and iOS users can communicate with each other and send high-quality photos.

It has come out with a campaign telling people to ask Apple to make the green icon available on iPhones. Apple’s closed ecosystem has been a concern for many over the years, but the company hardly seems to be relenting to the pressure. And these comments from Cook this week suggest Apple has no interest in adopting RCS for iPhone users anytime soon.

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