The hit song Malipoo in the movie VTK.. this is how it was made! Super information shared by Tamar


The lyricist has posted a lotus about how the song Malipoo of the film Ventu Thaninatha Kadu was created.

Vendu Taninatha Kadu film has been released in theaters yesterday on 15th September. This film has been released across Tamil Nadu by Udayanidhi Stalin’s Red Giant Movies.

The film was screened in 21 theaters in Chennai city, 84 theaters in Chengalpattu area, 64 theaters in Madurai area, 27 theaters in Tirunelveli area, 43 theaters in Trichy area, 63 theaters in Salem area, 78 theaters in Coimbatore area, 41 theaters in North Arcot area and 5 theaters in South Arcot area. Released. It has been officially announced that the film has been released in about 473 theaters across Tamil Nadu.

Simbu played the role of ‘Muthu’ as the protagonist in the film ‘Vendhu Tanintha Kadu’. “Vendhu Thanithantu Kadu” is the life events of Muthu Veeran (Simbu) who goes to Mumbai as a migrant laborer from the southern district.

‘Vendhu Tanintha Kadu’ is produced by Isari Ganesh through his company Wales Film International. Gautham Menon, Simbu, A.R. Rahman & Tamarai team up again for the third time for this film.

Mallipoo song lyrics Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu movie

The Jasmine song featured in this film is getting great response among the fans. Singer Madhusree Bhattacharya has sung this song. And Brinda Master has choreographed this song.

In this case, the lyricist Thamarai has posted on his Facebook page about the way this song was created. In the post, “17.9.22. Malleepoo song. I know that the song ‘Malleepoo Vechu Vechu Vaduthe’ featured in the movie ‘Vendhu Tanantha Kadu’ is appealing to most people. Happy 😍.

This is the first song I wrote for this film. Singer Madhusree’s voice recording took place only last month, even though she had written, recorded and shot it last year. While shooting this song, they took me from the shooting site and told me that everyone likes the song, it is the song for the game! 😊.

Although the song is catchy, the essence is the inseparability of people who leave home/country/relationships far away for work! 😊. Even though it is a husband-wife song, I have arranged it so that it touches the surface without peeking through. At the same time, you can feel the deep lines if you sit and observe. In that way, the freedom given to me by Gautama and Rahman is great! 😊.

This song is loved by many people because it is not only for the visual but also for the feeling of long distance relationships. Isn’t ‘separation’ a strong feeling anyway?? 😊. The reason is that this type of song has never been released before.

The song is completely written for me! 😊. I wrote quickly. Many people thought that I would never write folk songs, so I smiled while recording the song 😊

Image: Burned and calmed forest

Directed by: Gautham Vasudev Menon

Music: A. R. Merciful

Lyrics : Lotus

Singer : Madhushri

Starring : Silambarasan & Team

Scene : Separation, long distance relationship

Production: Wales Films

Lyrics :


Oh jasmine is hot


That silver moon

Come and find…

Machan Epo

Are you going to come?

Machan Epo

Are you going to come?

A ten-headed snake came

Are you going to kiss?

I stammered at the same time…

The day is only a dream

I met you…

A… when are you going to come..?

When will machan come?

Come to the mat

About to collapse?

Stanza 1.

I look at the door

Let’s see Golam!

I will fill the bucket

Let’s see the water!

I went looking for Chloe

invisible distance

In the heart of the millionaire

Unbearable burden…

Wait and wait


Wet eyes

The ship will rock..!

Stanza 2

Gone far away

Grief will become…

To live side by side

It seems enough!

curfew time

A desire will happen!

Enough with the chicken

Wake up without sleeping!

There you and here me

What a life..!

Enough is enough

It will come without saying!

The last refrain.

Oh Jasmine, let it be hot!

That silver moon

Come and find!

When will machan come?

When will machan come?

I also ordered

I’m going to die..!

What a long day

Nostalgia is…

No big breath

Flag waving

Dry the clothes!

Like cheating

I have to speak slowly!

If you hear a rattling sound


I want to sleep!

When will machan come?

When will machan come?

Come and tell me

Let go of the choke???

P.K.: Drawing water from a well means drawing water from a well. It is a common word in villages. In colloquial speech, ‘Sendhuren’ should be sung here. Tamara has posted


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