Shock.! Famous lyricist Kapilan’s daughter passed away by brush .. a sudden tragic decision.!.


Lyricist Kapilan has written many hit songs in films of famous leading film directors, music composers and heroes.

He has written more than 500 songs like Ekri Kudhitten, Kattazha Kannala, Alanguil Koovum Rail, Un Kichtinayil, Naan Mersalaitten, Enonode Nee Ifta, Aagayam Theepidichha, Althotta Bhupathi, Kadhal Aasi Yaarai Vidatho.

His daughter is Durigai. He is a versatile writer, fashion designer and stylist. He had recently started an English magazine. In this case, it seems that Kapilan’s house in Arumbakkam MMDA, Chennai, took a tragic decision at 8 o’clock in the night and was in a sad state.

After this, the body of Dhurikai was taken to a private hospital in Sally Village, Chennai, but when Dhurikai was confirmed dead, he was reportedly taken to the government hospital for post-mortem. 

Notably, lyricist Kapilan has a 9-year-old son besides his late daughter Durigai. 

Suicide is not the end of anything. Taking human life is not the solution to anything. A new life is waiting for them if they get proper counseling when suicidal ideation prevails. For this purpose, the State Health Department has released suicide prevention number 104 and SNEGA suicide prevention helpline number 044 – 24640050. Contact them for free consultation.


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