Prank in the shooting of ‘Sathya’.. Suvarasyaam that went to the police.


Needless to say, the last few days of Bigg Boss Season 6, which is currently on air in Tamil, have been a riot.

There was a whole lot of fighting and bickering because of something called the toy task.

It seems that while the teams were playing the toy task, contestant Sherin got into a jam and fell down and got injured.

Since then, the Bigg Boss house has started to get heated, with one source arguing that Thanalakshmi dumped Sherina, while others argued that Thanalakshmi was not responsible for it. While the Bigg Boss show was going on like this, after the toy task was over, the Bigg Boss house was somewhat lively.

Amidst this, Amudavanan was terrorizing many people including Dhanalakshmi and Shivin in the name of Ghost Frank. In this, Bigg Boss went to leave the house as Dhanalakshmi cried, which caused a lot of excitement.

Talking about Amudavanan’s Ghost Frank film, Kamal Haasan said, “The most important thing about Frank is to convince the audience.”

For this, Kamal also talked about an incident that happened during the shooting of Satya. Talking about this, Kamal said, “Sathya is shooting in a bazaar where people are gathered. The crew had also planned to establish credibility among the people there. Accordingly, we had prepared a real rolling stock and a fake rolling stock. Also, a real rolling stock to break the car windows and a duplicate for hitting people. I also beat him with a stick.

And all the people who are watching this from around are afraid that he will beat the man with the same stick that breaks the glass. But no one there knows that in reality I used two rolling blocks interchangeably.

Earlier we told this only at the police station and got permission for this and shot. But a newly arrived policeman caught me without knowing the matter,” Kamal remarked with a smile.


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