“Oh, if the cloud doesn’t clear the dance?”.. BTS video shared by Johnny Master!!


Actor Dhanush’s movie ‘Thirichirambalam’ was released last month.

Directed by Mitran Jawahar, the film starred Prakash Raj, Bharathiraja, Nithya Menon, Rashi Khanna, Priya Bhavani Shankar along with Dhanush.

The film was a huge hit among the masses and was also a hit at the box office.

Like the success of Tiruchirappalam, the songs featured in the film were also much celebrated among the fans. After a long time, actor Dhanush and music director Anirudh reunited with the film Thiruchirthambalam.

jani master shares megham karukatha bts video in twitter

Like their earlier collaborations, the songs of Tiruchirambalam created a musical frenzy among the fans. All the songs including ‘Megam Karukatha’, ‘Taik Kisavi’, ‘Denmozhi’ were big hits. Especially, the dance movements in the Megam Karukatha song attracted a lot of attention from the fans and many people made it as a reel video and danced it.

jani master shares megham karukatha bts video in twitter

Whenever I opened the social media, the videos of this song were the most crowded.

jani master shares megham karukatha bts video in twitter

The main reason for this is the song’s dance master Johnny. In this case, Johnny Master has released a making video of Megam Karukatha song on his Twitter page.


And in his caption, Johnny Master also mentioned that he is thankful for the overwhelming response to the song. After the Megam Karukatha video was well received, the BTS video of the song has also caught the attention of many.


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