NASA delays Artemis 1 Moon rocket launch to September 27


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has deferred the launch of its Artemis I mission again no earlier than September 27, the agency said in a blog post Monday. Earlier, NASA had informed that the mission launch is expected to take place between September 23-27. 

The date would depend on tests to fuel up the Space Launch System rocket failing which the rocket will have to be wheeled back, pushing the timeline back several weeks.

 “The 70-minute launch window opens at 11:37 am EDT,” NASA said. “Artemis I teams completed repair work to the area of a hydrogen leak, reconnecting the ground and rocket-side plates on the quick disconnect for the liquid hydrogen fuel feed line where two seals were replaced last week,” NASA said. 

“This week, teams will conduct tests at ambient conditions to ensure there is a tight bond between the two plates before testing again during the cryogenic tanking demonstration, and begin preparations for the test,” it added.

The moon mission that will be launched from Complex 39B at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, has already failed to launch two times earlier.

The spacecraft will take many days to reach the Moon, flying around 60 miles (100 kilometres) at its closest approach.

The US space agency first attempted on August 29 but a problem with one engine caused the space body to postpone the launch of its next-generation rocketship. NASA made its second attempt on September 3 but it was scrubbed soon after detecting leaks on the launch vehicle while loading it with fuel.

NASA will use scientific observations from Artemis I for the first crewed lunar mission in decades – Artemis II. 

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