Microsoft Is Bringing A New Security Feature On Windows 11 To Prevent Password Hack


Microsoft continues to add new security tools for users, and the latest feature is meant to alert users when they reuse passwords for a website.

Windows 11 is the latest PC operating system from Microsoft that continues to get new and useful features. The new addition to the list is going to be very helpful to people who have a habit of using their passwords without checking their risks.

Now, Windows 11 with its new update promises to alert the users, whenever they use the password on an unreliable app or a website.

The feature called Enhanced Phishing Protection is here to give users an alert. The new security tool is available only for those who have got the Windows 11 22H2 update in the past few days. Microsoft also wants people to log in using their password instead of the Windows Hello face ID. The feature doe not come by default and users have to enable the PC settings.


– Go to Start Menu on your Windows PC

– Search for Settings and then click on Privacy and Security

Now go to Windows Security where you will find App and browser control

– Over here you have to click on Reputation-based protection settings

– Now under Phishing protection, you have two options

– Select Warn me about password reuse, and Warn me about unsafe password storage from the box

– Now you will see the alert box on your screen

Login details are critical for all purposes. You need it to access the account, device and so much more. While these details are equally important for the hackers, who can access your account and steal data. People also have a bad habit of keeping the same password for different accounts, this alert will make sure that they have better control over how they use passwords.

You can always go for a password manager if remembering passwords become an issue. Soon, people will also have the prospect of a password-less sign-in, for which Google, Microsoft and Apple have already started the work behind the scenes.

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