McIntosh Labs’ XCS1.5K Center Channel Loudspeaker Packs a Total of 43 Drivers


McIntosh Labs has just introduced a new addition to its line of center channel loudspeakers. Made for those looking for an ultra-premium addition to their home cinema hi-fi setup, the XCS1.5K is rated to handle 1,500 watts of power and sees a unique hybrid three and four-way speaker design.

The center speaker features four 8-inch long-throw carbon fiber sandwich cone woofers in the cabinet and is joined with 14 2.5-inch aluminum midrange and 25 3/4-inch dome tweeters — 43 drivers in total. The cabinet is finished in seven layers of high-gloss piano black paint and has brushed aluminum accents and magnetic fasteners. This system is voiced to match McIntosh Labs’ XRT2.1K and XRT1.1K systems as well. Priced at close to $40,000 USD, those serious about their hi-fi, and with the money to spend, can head over to McIntosh Labs to learn more.

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