Lokesh’s big plan for ‘Vikram’.. “But it won’t happen in the film”.. Karthik Subbaraj Sharings!!


Actor Vaibhav’s upcoming movie ‘Baboon’ will release. Directed by Ashok Veerappan, the film features actress Anaka opposite Vaibhav. Joju George, Naren, Andhakudi Ilayaraja and many others have acted along with them.

Renowned music composer Santhosh Narayanan has composed the music for the film, while renowned director Karthik Subbaraj is producing and presenting the film. The trailer of Baboon was already released and it was well received by the people.

karthik subbaraj about lokesh kanagaraj plan for vikram movie

Also, it has been officially announced that this movie will release on 23rd. In this case, the producer of the film, director Karthik Subbaraj, has given an exclusive interview to Behindwoods channel.

Speaking then, Karthik Subbaraj initially shared some thoughts about ‘Fanboy’ movies and Vikram movie. In it, “Vikram liked the film a lot. It was great. It is already known that Lokesh Kamal is a fan. Earlier, when Lokesh was talking to me, he told me that he was going to do a Vikram film without songs. Don’t act like a fan boy. I told them to sing a song like ‘Annatha Aduraru’. But, in the end, there was a song in the film,” he said.

karthik subbaraj about lokesh kanagaraj plan for vikram movie

Also talking about Jigarthanda 2, Karthik Subbaraj said, “I had an idea for this story after the completion of Iravi. It will not be a sequel to the first part. It will be completely different,” he said. Apart from this, Karthik Subbaraj shared a lot of information about the release of films directed by him including Jagame Tantram, Mahaan directly on the OTT platform and directing short films.

karthik subbaraj about lokesh kanagaraj plan for vikram movie

Karthik Subbaraj continued, “Many directors including me, Lokesh, Nalan and others have learned by making short films. We also learned the techniques of how to make a film. But we have to decide for ourselves whether we are good enough to make a film. Those who want to become a director should take that decision properly,” he said.


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