Liger movie review: Vijay Deverakonda film is a cringe-fest of mammoth proportions


Liger movie review: It boggles the mind that filmmakers still think today’s audiences are willing to swallow utter rubbish in the name of entertainment.

So, first off, in case you were wondering, ‘Liger’ is what you get when a lion and a tiger mate. Got it? Not really? Never mind, here’s a ready reckoner of what to expect from the new Vijay Deverakonda flick, directed by Puri Jagannadh, made in Hindi and Telugu. Ready? Here you go. A kickboxer (Vijay Deverakonda) adorned by a series of boxer shorts and a bronzed, muscled chest, has a couple of markers — a mother (Ramya Krishnanstill in her shouty‘Bahubali’ mode), and a stutter. The mom is a latter-day Mother India type, full of fire and brimstone. The speech impairment may make Liger a slow speaker, but there’s nothing wrong with his cross-breed stripes. He jabs and kicks, feints and lunges, as he readies himself for his big break, which will allow him and his mentor (Ronit Roy) to make India proud in the global arena.


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