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As a type of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning uses algorithms to let computers learn without being explicitly programmed. It is a data analysis method that automates the construction of analytical models. Automated construction of analytical models enables computers to find hidden information. It also causes computer programmers to change when exposed to new data. Machine learning is one of the hottest trends in software development today. Many analysts even believe that machine learning will completely change the development process of various software, including web applications.

Assessing the Impact of Machine Learning on Web Application Development

Alternative to traditional data mining

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Most companies use data mining to generate new information based on large amounts of existing data. There are many websites that use specialized data mining techniques such as web mining to discover patterns based on vast amounts of data on the internet. Organizations can use machine learning as an alternative to traditional data mining. Like data mining, machine learning can recognize patterns based on large amounts of data. However, unlike data mining, machine learning automatically changes the actions of the program based on recognized patterns.

Understand customer behavior

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Web applications can also use machine learning algorithms to understand customer behavior and increase customer loyalty. An e-commerce application can use machine learning to monitor and understand customer conversations related to a product. Additionally, a business can use machine learning to communicate more e ciently with customers via contact forms. The machine learning algorithm can easily analyze the requests from customers and companies and forward the request to the appropriate team.Therefore, sales and customer service teams can easily improve the customer experience by resolving issues faster.

Accelerate product discovery

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Big companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft are already using machine learning algorithms to provide intelligent search results to each user. When developing e-commerce applications, programmers can use machine learning algorithms to help customers find products faster. Developers can use a specific machine learning algorithm to provide users with high-quality and relevant information. In addition, they can use the technology to help customers select products that are tailored to their exact needs.

Eliminate Emerging Security Threats

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Recently, several security companies have used machine learning technologies such as logistic regression to identify malicious websites by evaluating thousands of websites. Similarly, some companies even use ranking algorithms to detect and predict phishing websites based on key criteria such as domain identity, security features, and data encryption technology. These initiatives will make it easier for developers to protect web applications from new security threats.

In general, machine learning will change the way websites and web applications are developed. Developers will embed machine learning algorithms and APIs into web applications to provide a rich and personalized user experience. Additionally, they can combine various machine learning APIs to make the customer’s shopping experience fast and smooth. However, the impact of machine learning varies from web application to web application. In addition, web developers need to combine di erent machine learning algorithms according to their precise needs. 
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