He was born with transparent teeth and made a decision that changed his life


He spent years being teased and not being able to eat properly.

“I was born with transparent teeth and needed dentures when I was 19, it’s the best thing I did,” says teenager Mihaly Olivia Grace Schlegel.

19-year-old was born with teeth that were almost completely transparent, which haters called her “shark tooth”.

Michael, de Claremore, Oklahoma, EE. We., was born with brittle bone disease And dental problems are thought to be partly related to this. “Ever since I started getting the teeth, they were so brittle they were almost completely transparent,” said Mihaly, a retail assistant.

growing up, Mihaly thought that her teeth would get stronger, but sadly, they weakened over time and eventually she had trouble eating properly. “I got to a point where I struggled to eat basic things like bread when I was 15,” she explained.

‘If I smiled, people made a bad face. Sometimes he tried to play with it, but as he got older, it became more noticeable. Some people even cruelly called it ‘shark’s tooth’ because of its appearance.

The idea of ​​having dentures first came about when Mihaly was 13 years old, but she was afraid of the unknown.

Initially, he denied any help, but a year later, he began looking for a dentist to handle his case after experiencing excruciating pain. It took a full five years for an orthodontist to finally agree to take on his complicated case.

“Because I also have a disease of brittle bone, known as osteogenesis imperfecta, doctors were afraid to break my jaw,” he explained. ,I had 117 broken bones, 36 surgeries and multiple rod placements/replacements in both the tibia and femur.”

“I had screw replacements in my knees and ankles, minor procedures due to my broken back, and multiple bone grafts.”

“It was a scary time, but I am blessed to have such an amazing team to take care of my situation.”


On December 8, 2021, at the age of just 19, Mihaly underwent oral maxillofacial reconstructive surgery (surgery on lesions of the teeth, jaw, temporomandibular joints, salivary glands and facial skin), a procedure that required both dental treatment and medication. qualification is required. Help with facial pain. and affected teeth. “When I woke up from surgery, I laughed and cried because I was so shocked it finally happened,” she said.

‘It was like a dream come true.’ Before insurance, the surgery was $12,000, but after insurance, it was $9,500. “Luckily, my parents helped me with the payments, and I took out $500 in college savings,” she explained.

It was all worth it because Mihaly now loves her teeth and says that since the procedure, she “feels beautiful” and is happy with her new smile.

‘New teeth have benefited me in many ways. I can eat things I couldn’t before and I can finally feel beautiful when I smile. However, Mihaly will have to undergo more procedures, including surgery to add two to four implants to his lower jaw so that his dentures can be attached, as well as a laser procedure to surround the tissue so that he can easily implant.

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