Google Meet’s New Feature Allows Users Mute, Unmute Others in This Way. Details Here


Google’s new search algorithm update will target websites that have a relatively high amount of content that are written for search engines purpose. (File Photo/ Representational Image)

San Francisco: Google has announced that Meet users will soon be able to unmute themselves by holding down the spacebar and to mute themselves again by releasing it. As per news agency IANS Report, the company said that will make it easier for users to participate in their meetings by quickly unmuting to say something.Also Read – Google To Roll Out New Shortcut To Its Video Call Platform | Deets Inside

“This feature will also help in situations where you forget to mute again after unmuting yourself. This feature is OFF by default and can be enabled in the Google Meet settings,” the company said in a blog post. The company said it changed how the “Hey Google” voice control works for Google Meet hardware devices. The company added that With this update, the Google Assistant will only be active when a device is not in a meeting and within 10 minutes of an upcoming meeting. Also Read – Chat At Your Own Risk: Google Issues Warning As It Launches AI Chatbot

Google New Feature: Check Details Here

Google has also launched a new feature. The feature allows you to create high-performance custom functions that support built-in Sheets formula constructs. The company said users can now use visitor sharing to allow non-Google users to upload content or create files within shared drives owned by organisations and users on Google Workspace. Also Read – Google Announces Online Safety Initiatives, Child Safety Toolkit | Deets Inside

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