Five Google Chrome Extensions Found To Be Vulnerable To Hacking; Users Should Delete Right Now


Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browser in the world. Given the popularity, Gooogle Chrome also has one of the highest number of extensions available for users to take advantage of, in order to get features and tools that you don’t traditionally get with Google Chrome. Five Google Chrome extensions have now found to be vulnerable, a report from anti-virus firm McAfee has said.

According to a report published on McAfee’s website, the five Google Chrome extensions are all available on the Chrome Web Store, and the list also includes an extension made by Google itself. These five Chrome extensions have been downloaded more than 1.4 million times in total.

The five extensions that have been found to be vulnerable are – Netflix Party, Netflix Party 2, FlipShope – Price Tracker, Full Page Screenshot Capture, and AutoBuy Flash Sales. According to the report, all five extensions have the same issue. The extensions contain malware that sends the page URL and injects code into the e-commerce sites. Basically, the extensions contain malware that sends the page URL to a remote server every time a user visits a website.

This then checks if the affiliate revenue code can be injected to earn revenue from purchases made by users on e-commerce platforms. McAfee has also reported that some extensions are using delayed methods to inject the affiliate link to prevent early detection. They usually do this after 15 days of extension getting installed.

If you are one of the unlucky 1.4 million users of either of all of these extensions, it is recommended that you delete it immediately. While the Netflix Party extension has been removed from the Chrome store, others are still there are some even have a featured tag on them.

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