“Don’t Even Understand Why They Are Called Experts”: Rohit Sharma On “Outside Noise” Regarding Virat Kohli’s Form


Virat Kohli registered scores of 1 and 11 in the two T20Is against England and now skipper Rohit Sharma has said that the side always backs quality

Virat Kohli’s poor run of form continued in the T20I series against England as he registered scores of 1 and 11 in the second and third T20Is respectively. In both the games, Kohli tried to be aggressive and take on the bowling from the get-go, but he was unable to stay at the crease for long. After the third T20I which India lost by 17 runs, skipper Rohit Sharma spoke to reporters during a press conference and he spoke about Kohli’s form as well.

“It is not difficult for us as we do not listen to the outside noise. I don’t know who the experts are. I don’t even understand why they are called experts. They are watching it from the outside, they don’t know what is going on inside. We are building a team, we have a certain thought process. A lot of deliberation goes behind it. There is a lot of thinking behind it. Boys are backed. Boys are given chances. People outside don’t know all these things. It is not important what is going on outside,” said Rohit.

“If you talk of form, it goes up and down for everyone. The quality of a player never goes down and we should remember that. When you make certain comments, you should always remember that the quality of a player does not go down. We back that quality. It has happened with me, it has happened with XYZ, it has happened with everyone, it is nothing new. When some player has done so well consistently for so long, that can’t be written off in one or two series or one or two years. It takes people time to understand it completely, but those who are running the team know the importance of that quality,” he added.

When asked about the aggressive approach being taken by Virat Kohli, Rohit said: “It’s a bit of both (when asked if Kohli’s approach is a team instruction or a personal choice). We, as a team, want to play in a certain way, and every player needs to buy into that thought process. Otherwise, you know, it’s not going to happen for you. And all the players, all the batters, who are part of this squad, are willing to take that extra risk and go and see what extra they can do with the bat.”

“It’s important to find out within yourself, you know, to try and do different kinds of things. Unless you try it, you will never be able to find out. So I think it is something that we have been trying to do for a while now. Some days it might come off, some days it might not. But we don’t want to be afraid of going in and taking that extra risk. That’s how we’re going to learn as a team and that’s how we will move forward as a team. So it’s in everyone’s thought process, everyone is quite comfortable with that idea. So yeah, that’s the kind of direction the team is going to move in.”

When asked about the upcoming ODI series against England, Rohit said: “It is important for us to understand white-ball cricket properly. I mean 50-over cricket is an extension of T20 cricket. You might take slightly fewer risks than you do in T20s, but we have to take risks. It is not as if we won’t take risks. We need to get used to playing freely. When you try to play freely, it comes with its failures both in individual performance and in team results, but you get to learn a lot from that.”

“We are looking at the bigger picture, not the small picture. As it is, in India, we are used to two-and-a-half-hour pictures. All these matches are crucial for us because somewhere we need to change something, and we can see things have started to change slightly. The biggest takeaway from this series has been the approach of each and every individual who has played in this series for us. How they have come and relished the moment in the middle, taking on the opportunity, taking on the opposition, taking that extra risk. The mindset is something that we are trying to change, and they are willing to do that. They’re willing to take that risk. And when I go and talk to certain individuals, I hear the same kind of response from them,” he added.

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