Chrome Uses Interactive Screenshots To Speed Up Sites


Chrome now uses interactive screenshots, speeding up webpages by up to 20% with a technology called Freeze Dried Tabs. The new technology is used during transitional moments such as in a cold startup.

Google announced a new technology used in Chrome that creates interactive snapshots of webpages that speed up the user experience. Chrome calls it Freeze Dried Tabs and it’s in use right now.

What Google is doing goes beyond a screenshot placeholder. It’s more of a hybrid of a screenshot because it can be scrolled and links can be clicked. When the actual page finishes downloading Google seamlessly transitions to the actual webpage.

The idea is to speed up the web experience of site visitors by showing them a screenshot with functional links and content that users can scroll through.

Showing Websites on Mobile Devices Faster

The process of delivering websites is slow because of all the different parts that need loading, such as the raw HTML, CSS, JavaScrip and Fonts (which present multiple problems of their own).

Chrome’s solution is to show interactive screenshots.

Freeze Dried Browser Tabs

Google calls this new hybrid of a screenshot and interactive webpage, Freeze Dried Tabs.

Freeze dried browser tabs are new way to deliver webpages but it’s not shown for every site that a Chrome user visits.

Rather, this is a solution to speeding up transitional moments like switching between tabs or during browser startup.

Freeze Dried Tabs Are Live in Chrome

This technology that speeds up the creation of an interactive webpage is currently in use right now in the Chrome browser.

While it’s only used in cold startup situations right now, the Chrome team indicated that they are studying where else it can be used.

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