At the age of 14, Poovaiyar bought his own car.


Siruvan Poovaiyar aka Kappis became popular among people after participating in the show Super Singer which was aired on Vijay TV.

Apart from singing amazingly in the Super Singer show, Poovaiyar’s completely hilarious things also attracted many people.

After this show, although singing was one side of movies, Poovaiyar also acted in small roles.

More specifically, she had sung and danced in the Vijay-starrer ‘Bigil’. Similarly, in the movie ‘Master’, the scenes in which Siruvan Bhoovaiyar acted along with Vijay were widely talked about. As a result, Poovaiyar went to the next level in his artistic journey at an early age.

In this case, the photos related to Bhoovaiyar buying a car at the age of 14 are going viral on the internet.

Poovaiyar buys new car at the age of 14 fans wish him

Bhoovaiyar, who has reached the highest place due to his hard work at an early age, has been an inspiration to many. A boy who came from a very poor family, who has achieved today, is seen by many people as their family child.

Poovaiyar buys new car at the age of 14 fans wish him

Meanwhile, Bhoovaiyar has bought a car. Bhoovaiyar, who bought a car at the age of 14, also shared a related photo on his Instagram page. And in his caption, he said, “Guys, our new car. Without you, I am nothing. I need your blessings always. Thank you all. Thank you to God. All praise to God.”

Many people are congratulating Poovaiyar who has done such a thing at a young age.


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