Apple Pay may finally work on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox in iOS 16


San Francisco: Tech giant Apple could finally be compatible with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox in iOS 16.

MacRumors contributor Steve Moser found that Apple Pay works with Edge and Chrome in the iOS 16 beta 4, and shared his findings on microbloging platform Twitter, reports The Verge.

Moser’s screenshots show a “Continue with Apple Pay” option on Apple’s checkout page when using Edge.

Apple Pay only works in Safari on iOS 15 and older, preventing you from using any other browser if you want to pay with Apple Pay when shopping on the web.

A post on Reddit from earlier this month shows an option to pay with Apple Pay in iOS 16 beta 2 while using Firefox.

Another user on iOS 16 beta 3 said they have the option to pay with Apple Pay on Firefox as well. It is unclear when Apple started expanding support for Apple Pay, and to which browsers.

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