Apple iOS 17 to get ‘user requested’ features, says Mark Gurman. What to expect


Apple’s iOS 17 software update for iPhone was leaked by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in January, who previously predicted it would mainly focus on bug fixes and performance enhancements. However, Gurman now suggests that the update may also introduce new features that users have been requesting.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman shared in his Power On newsletter that when Apple began working on iOS 17, the company intended it to be a “tuneup release” primarily focused on fixing bugs and improving performance, rather than introducing numerous new features. This decision was partly due to the challenges Apple faced with the previous iOS 16 update, which added several new features but encountered delays, as well as a bumpy start riddled with bugs that required multiple updates to resolve.

According to Gurman’s newsletter, Apple has changed its approach to the development of iOS 17, codenamed Dawn, and may now include several features that have been requested by its customers.

At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023 in June, the forthcoming software update, including new features, is anticipated to be showcased. These features reportedly include a revamped CarPlay experience that will integrate more closely with vehicle functions such as air conditioning and FM radio. Additionally, Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri, is expected to eliminate the “Hey Siri” trigger phrase and only respond to “Siri.”

In a notable departure from their previous policy, Apple may permit users to download and use alternate app stores with the upcoming iOS 17 update. This move, if implemented, would be a significant change for the company, which has long been opposed to sideloading. Android users have traditionally seen this as an advantage over Apple’s ecosystem. Additionall, ios 17 is expected to include support for Apple’s forthcoming AR/VR headset, which is currently under development and could be revealed by the company in the near future.

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