5 Planets Align: A Rare and Wondrous Sight, When and Where to Watch the Alignment of Planets in the Night Sky?


5 Planets Alignment: Five planets, including Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus, are currently aligned in the sky, creating a stunning display of celestial beauty. So grab your telescopes/binoculars and prepare to be awed by this mesmerizing display of our solar system’s most magnificent planets.

5 Planets Align: This week is witnessing a rare celestial event that has captured the attention of stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts all around the world.

From March 28, 2023 onwards, stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts around the world will have a rare opportunity to witness a spectacular celestial event – a planetary alignment. Five planets – Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, and Uranus – will align in the sky and create a breathtaking display of celestial beauty. The alignment will be visible to the naked eye, except for Mercury and Uranus, which may require binoculars or a telescope to locate. The planets will be aligned on one side of the sun, forming a line beneath the moon, and the phenomenon will occur every night throughout this week.

However, the optimal time to view the “planet parade” is immediately after sunset on Tuesday, March 28. The planets will start disappearing from the sky within 30 minutes of the sunset, so it’s essential to act fast. The alignment of the planets is called a planetary alignment, and it occurs when several planets gather on one side of the sun at the same time. Missing the opportunity to witness this rare sight on Tuesday means waiting another 17 years for a chance to see it again in 2040.

When to Watch the 5 Planets alignment in India?

For those located in India, the expected sunset time on Tuesday, March 28, is 6:36 PM IST. The planets will be visible between 6:36 PM and 7:15 PM IST, with Mercury and Jupiter disappearing below the horizon by 7:06 PM IST. Therefore, it’s crucial to make preparations accordingly and not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime event.

How to Watch Online the 5 planets’ Alignment?

Three planets will visible to the naked eye in the night sky. Venus, Mars, and Jupiter will be bright enough to spot in the night sky. However, Mercury and Uranus will be harder to spot. In order to see them, you will need binoculars.

The alignment of five planets is truly a breathtaking celestial event that captivates people worldwide. Witnessing the planets come together in a rare planetary alignment is an awe-inspiring experience that reminds us of the grandeur and magnificence of the universe. The planetary alignment that will occur this week may be a rare event, but it leaves us with the realization that there is always something remarkable happening in the universe that we may not be able to see or understand. It is up to us to appreciate these events and continue exploring the wonders of the cosmos.

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