Artificial intelligence writes a story.We know that humans can imagine and script wonderful stories, but the humans can’t assure that it will perform well in the theatres. Fortunately, AI can. Machine learning algorithms are fed with large amounts of movie data, which analyses them and comes up with unique scripts that the audience love.


    Pre-production is an important task in film production and it is a more stressful one. Using AI it helps for the streamlining the process involved in pre-production.

AI can schedule the actors, location for the different story lines.


    In this era, graphics and visual effects steals the people's heart. Digital and 3D technologies are very much liked by everyone and peoples are very mad on watching them. This technology design a fictional characters like Thanos in Avengers Endgame.


   Media publishing companies should make their contents understandable for the people from different countries who watch the movies. So inorder to deliver the video content with multiple language subtitles, the production unit can use the Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the subtitle section. 


  The film industry have been using AI for promotion. Analyzing different factors such as audience base, actor's popularity, film studios may plan their camps according to certain locations where they expect the highest interest from the audience. To confirm that the movie is a success, AI can be used in the promotion process. The AI algorithm can be used to evaluate the viewer base, the excitement surrounding the movie, and the popularity of the actors across the globe.
  1. MOVIE EDITING In editing movies, AI supports the film editors. With facial recognition technology, an AI algorithms can recognize the key characters and sort certain scenes for human editors. By getting the first draft done quickly, editors can focus on scenes featuring the main plot of the script.Movie editors can use Artificial Intelligence to create trailers for films.


AI-based music composition tools are becoming a reality.They are used to create music compositions for films.AI can analyze data from different compositions and develop music patterns that adapt to the movie environment that are dependent on the movie genre and the situations expected in the movie. Many tech companies take up Artificial Intelligence technologies to develop systems that can learn various music styles from a large database of songs and create new music.

  1. PRODUCING MOVIES The last but not the least, the Artificial Intelligence also makes its own movies. They create a challenging experience and a step forward into automating video creation with the intelligent use of AI technology. With so many innovative applications across moviemaking, AI brings a multitude of benefits to the film industry, including improving the overall filmmaking process, saving time and resources, and generating higher revenues.
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