Implementation of AI into the automotive industry has resulted in the development of self-driving cars. This is considered the initial stage of development. Self-driving cars have been a fantasy for the previous generation, but we are implementing them in a real-time environment and this has been successful. Even though it has its disadvantages still self-driving cars have been said to be a reliable source of transportation.

Not only self-driving cars, but AI has also made a tremendous impact in the automotive industry. It is being implemented in every phase like design, manufacturing, client assistance, etc, making it fully aware of the car.

AI will help in the customization of the existing system into a personally customized system. This can be also done by using the preferred constraints which have been fed into the system. This results in a personalized user experience.

The developers are being able to derive the data by having some tie-up with small-scale companies. The data is being further processed and put into the system to work even more efficiently and precisely.

AI is not only helpful in the process of manufacturing and associated processes. It helps make the customer experience much more customized. In the future maybe the self-driving car that we’ve been using might let us know which car is suitable for our driving style. This might be based on the analysis of our driving methods.
These are not just self-driving cars. These are Smart cars

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