Google lens
Google lens are used as search engine it relates google search and chrome some of the things we don’t know the name of the things it helps to search the name of that things. It is used to show the related images of the searching images. It is used to identify the name of the images and it’s uses of the things in images. It can show the some of the rare thing images related to given rare thing images have been searched in this application. It can easy to find the details of the images. Here , we used technology name as “Image Recognition Technology”. It is faster than searching the name of material in search engine of the Google or Chrome. It is used to take the data present the related data of the given searching data. It is also used as translator and dictionary of the given data has been scanned from image of the visual of our eye. It is used for find the shopping things and it interconnect with shopping software application as amazon, etc., It is used to find the place of the given image and its details and give the direction in map of the place it interconnect with google map.

CIT Sandwich Polytechnic College,
Coimbatore – 641 014.
Diploma in Computer Engineering – III rd year.